Our experience in the marine sector has involved working on a wide variety of projects from coating pipelines to coating piers.

Our product is increasingly being used in the marine sector to enhance the life-span of assets and infrastructure in a way that is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and extremely durable.
The unsurpassed durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal of polyurea and polyurethane make them superior to traditional alternatives such as vinyl, fibreglass, paint and epoxy. Their solvent-free nature also ensures no harm to marine life.

Our product is ideal for application in marine environments, taking less than 5 seconds to dry and solidify. Additionally, our mobile capability allows us to apply our product on-site, therefore existing structures stay intact whilst our work is carried out and the progress of marine projects is not delayed by our work.

Currently, we are working on the coating of Mumbles pier as part of a large-scale restoration and redevelopment of the pier and the surrounding area. Here, our product is ensuring that the pier is resistant to rusting by seawater salts and reducing the wear and abrasion of the pier caused by the tide, therefore strengthening the pier for years to come. Additionally, we are carrying out Research & Development into the feasibility of using our product to coat the hulls of RNLI lifeboats used along the Welsh coastline. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of polyurea and polyurethane and engineering expertise, we deliver a first-class service and bespoke solutions to meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

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